Shedding Light on the Truth: Busting 3 Common Window Tinting Myths

If you’re reading this blog, then you’ve probably at least thought about getting your windows tinted. What’s stopping you? Some of the common objections to window tinting are myths, and Astro Auto Glass would like to clear them up.

Myth #1: Window Tinting Is Just for Looks

It’s true that a lot of window tinting is done for cosmetic reasons. Many people prefer the sleek, shaded look tinted windows provides. But in addition to the aesthetic appeal, window tinting delivers benefits, such as:

  • UV protection
    Tinting blocks nearly 100% of harmful UV rays. When you consider the cumulative time you spend behind the wheel or in the passenger seat, window tinting can contribute to:

    • Lower skin cancer risk
    • Lower eye strain and eye damage
  • Privacy
    Tinting reduces visibility from the outside in, and that keeps people outside your vehicle from seeing you and your belongings. Because they cannot see what’s inside, your car becomes a less attractive target for auto theft.

Myth #2: Window Tinting Is Not a Good Investment

Poor quality window tinting is not a good investment, but the same is true for any low-quality product or service. But, when you invest in window tinting done by experienced professionals who use top-grade products, window tinting provides a great value.

Myth #3: The Darker the Tint, The More Heat Reduction

When you are ready to choose window tint for your vehicle, it’s easier to think that darker gives you more protection. But in the case of heat reduction, that’s not really the case. Heat reduction is achieved by tints that reflect heat, not just visible light. And films that offer superior heat reflection use ceramic technology.

If you want to know more about the benefits of window tinting and find the right tint for your needs, call or visit Astro Auto Glass. Our technicians are product experts ready to help.