ADAS Certified

New vehicles use innovative safety features to ensure drivers are well-protected when operating their vehicles. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are a group of features that provide alerts to drivers, as well as assume control of the vehicle in dangerous situations.

Some ADAS features utilize sensors placed within vehicle windshields, and these sensors must be calibrated regularly to ensure they function as expected. Here at Astro Auto Glass, we understand the crucial role that ADAS plays in driver safety. That’s why we provide information to our Albuquerque customers regarding ADAS calibration and its importance.

Types of ADAS Features Linked to Windshield Cameras

While ADAS sensors can be placed all over a vehicle, a number of safety features utilize windshield cameras to function:

  • Forward Collision Warning – This safety feature issues an alert when your vehicle is at risk of colliding with one in front of it.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Adaptive cruise control sensors track the speed of vehicles in front of you to properly adjust your speed while driving.
  • Lane Departure Warning – Should your vehicle stray outside of the lane you’re traveling in, the lane departure warning provides an alert to avoid a car accident.
  • Lane Keeping Assistance – Similar to lane departure warnings, this feature can actually take control of a vehicle to prevent a collision.

How Calibration Works

Calibration of ADAS involves measuring cameras to ensure they’re accurately capturing information. For instance, should a camera fall out of position, its function will be affected, and sensors will fail to provide important alerts.

Mechanics use two forms of calibration to ensure proper function of ADAS. With dynamic calibration, the repair professional will use a special tool to track camera monitoring while the vehicle is in motion. There’s also static calibration, which measures camera sensors while a vehicle is stopped.

When to Schedule Calibration

Our calibration professionals recommend calibration when repairs are made to your windshield. The service should also occur after an accident, as the force of a collision can affect sensor function.

If your vehicle is due for ADAS calibration, Astro Auto Glass has the tools and knowledge you’re looking for. We also offer a variety of other services, including windshield replacement and window tinting. Schedule a calibration appointment today by calling 505-766-5176 or contact us for more information.