Laws Regarding Window Tint in New Mexico

Window tinting is ideal for the hot New Mexico weather. While endless hours of sun are great for your tan, they’re not so good for the interior of your vehicle. Tinted windows keep the interior nice and cool, prevent sun bleaching, and also help you avoid the discomfort of gripping a blazing hot steering wheel.

Much like many other states, New Mexico has laws on the books that regulate window tinting. Being aware of these laws ensures you don’t run afoul of the police due to a tint that’s too dark.

According to the law, windows must allow a certain percentage of light through. There are also different standards based on where the tint is applied and what type of car you’re driving:


Laws break down tint into two categories: darkness and reflection. For sedan windshields, non-reflective tint can be applied to the top five inches, which is also known as the above the AS-1 line. For the front, back, and rear auto glass, tint must allow more than 20% of light to penetrate. Tint reflection is not allowed on the front or back windows of sedans.

SUVs and Vans

Laws regarding tint darkness on SUV and van windshields is the same as sedans: non-reflective tint can be applied to the top five inches. For the front windows, more than 20% of light must be able to penetrate. However, there are no regulations for the back and rear windows. Like sedans, tint reflection is not allowed on the front or back windows.

Additional Rules and Regulations

If side or back auto glass is tinted, the vehicle must have dual side mirrors. Only certain colors of tint can be used. According to the law, yellow, red, and amber tints are not allowed. If there is a medical reason for a tint, you may be eligible for an exception. If you are found with tint that does not comply to the above rules, you could be subject to a $75 fine.

Working with a skilled and experienced auto glass company ensures your window tint will be in full compliance. Astro Auto Glass has served motorists throughout Albuquerque since 1997. Their professional window tinting ensures a sleek, sophisticated finished product that you can be proud of. They also offer numerous tint shades, all of which are fully compliant with state laws.

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