Windshield-Only Tinting in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Astro Auto Glass can help drivers increase their security and comfort on the road, even when on a budget. We offer windshield-only tinting to provide the reduction in visible light transmission where you need it most.

Why Consider Windshield-Only Tinting

Full car tinting allows you to maximize the benefits of window tinting, but not every budget can accommodate full tinting. However, you can still noticeably decrease glare, eye strain and heat build-up with windshield-only tinting.

Because windshield-only tinting reduces light transmission where it most directly hits your car, it is the most effective tinting application to improve visibility. Windshield-only tinting is also the most effective application to increase safety as the tinting adhesive helps minimize or prevent windshield spall, which is a common cause of injuries in many accidents.

Top-Quality Windshield Tinting

Astro Auto Glass offers superior windshield tinting. All tinting services are backed by:

  • The manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on the tinting film
  • Our lifetime warranty on the tinting application

When you choose Astro Auto Glass, you can be confident that you will get the flawless finish you need for best look and performance because we are the only Rio Rancho shop with a climate-controlled, dust-free booth.

No-Waiting Windshield-Only Tinting

Astro Auto Glass has all the colors and shades of our industry-preferred tinting films available in-stock. We can often accommodate tinting service the same day you call for a free quote. Contact us to schedule your windshield-only service.

Contact us online or call 505-766-5176 for a free quote for windshield-only tinting.