Rio Rancho Windshield Tinting

Drivers in Rio Rancho can increase their comfort and decrease eye strain on their daily commute. Windshield-only tinting from Astro Auto Glass provides UV reflection and protection where you need it most.

Why Consider Windshield-Only Tinting

New Mexico allows the top 5” of windshields (above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line) to be tinted. Although the area is small compared to full window tinting, windshield-only tinting reduces visible light transmission where it’s most intense.

The most notable benefits of windshield-only tinting are:

  • Reduced glare for better visibility
  • Reduced eye strain for increased comfort
  • Interior upholstery and vinyl protection against UV

Astro Auto Glass offers some of the most advanced tinting films available, including ceramic technology. So, even with a small area of your windows covered, you can significantly reduce the amount of solar energy that gets trapped in your car as heat.

Plus, tinting film also helps prevent windshield spall in the event of a crash, decreasing the risk for some types of injuries.

Superior Window Tinting

To get the benefits of windshield-only tinting, it has to be done right. At Astro Auto Glass, we always provide unrivaled quality.

All tinting is done in our climate-controlled, dust-free booth to ensure best adhesion and flawless finish. Our tinting technicians hand-cut film for the best fit.

Our products carry a limited lifetime warranty, and we stand behind our workmanship with our own warranty.

There simply is no better tinting shop in or around Rio Rancho. We’re worth the drive but can spare you the wait. Contact us to schedule your tinting appointment.