What Is the Legal Limit for Window Tint in New Mexico?

You want to tint your car windows to get all of the benefits: security, privacy, glare reduction and sun protection. But how dark can you go? Did you know that each state has a legal limit for window tinting? Do you know what it is in New Mexico?

Why Legal Limits Exist for Window Tints

Window tints are measured by the percentage of visible light transmission levels (VLT) that pass through the tint on your windows. The higher the percentage, the greater the amount of light that passes through the glass; the lower the percentage, the less light that’s allowed through. So, a window tint with a 70% VLT lets in much more light and appears lighter than tint with a 5% VLT.

As many positives as darker window tints provide, a window tint can be too dark. Low-VLT films may make impair a driver’s ability to see at night. They can also impede the ability of someone to see into a vehicle, and that increases safety risks of innocent bystanders and especially law enforcement officers.  To mitigate safety risks, laws have been enacted that regulate the VLT level of auto window tints.

Legal Limits for Window Tint in New Mexico

The legal limits for windows may be different for each window type: front side windows, rear side windows, back windows and front windshield.

The legal limits for VLT percentage in New Mexico are as follows:

  Sedans SUVs and Vans
Front side windows Minimum 20% VLT Minimum 20% VLT
Rear side windows Minimum 20% VLT No limit
Bank window Minimum 20% VLT No limit
Front windshield Any darkness, but tint may only be applied above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line or top 5”

New Mexico does not allow reflective window tint on any window.

Law enforcement can stop you if they believe your windows are too dark. They can measure VLT with a special instrument.

If your tint is too dark, you can be cited and fined and required to remove the film.

If you have any questions about the legal tinting limits on any part of your car, we are happy to answer. Call or visit Astro Auto Glass today!