3 Dangers of Driving with a Cracked Windshield

Cracks and chips in your vehicle’s windshield can happen for all sorts of reasons. Volatile storms involving hail can easily cause defects in auto glass, as can pebbles and rocks kicked up by other vehicles’ tires while driving. Even when damage is relatively minor, scheduling expedient auto glass repair is of the utmost importance. The longer you wait, the bigger the risk that a significant issue can occur, which can have a range of negative effects.

  1. Your Vision Could Be Compromised

The location of the crack or chip in your windshield can have a huge impact on your driving ability. If it’s in your line of vision, it’s imperative that you have the problem fixed as soon as possible. While it may not seem like a big issue, especially when the crack is small, it can easily spread just by going over a bump in the road. Cracks in your line of vision can also be distracting, especially when they draw attention away from the road.

  1. The Structural Integrity of the Windshield Could Be Affected

While it may be surprising, your windshield is responsible for stabilizing the roof of your vehicle in the event of a rollover crash. In this case, even a minor crack can impact structural integrity and result in your roof collapsing should a serious accident occur. An intact windshield is also essential when your airbags deploy. Airbags inflate with a massive amount of force, and auto glass must be table to ensure they deploy correctly to protect you and your passengers.

  1. You Could Be Fined by Law Enforcement

While there is no specific law in New Mexico that prohibits motorists from driving with cracked windshields, there are regulations about driving with auto glass deemed unsafe. In this case, it would be up to the responding officer to decide whether to cite the driver. However, it’s likely that you would receive a ticket for some cracks, which could be quite expensive depending on the situation.

Don’t Take a Chance on Auto Glass Safety

It’s best to schedule auto glass repair as soon as possible, no matter the size or location of the defect in question. Astro Auto Glass can repair and replace damaged auto glass to ensure your vehicle is safe and that you’re not subject to an expensive fine. We back our work with a lifetime warranty, and we even provide mobile service for maximum convenience.

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