Best-Rated Window Tint Films

Tinted windows are in demand in New Mexico because they can keep your car’s interior cooler, even when parked in the sun. When it comes to window tinting for your car, you have a lot of options. We’ve compiled a list of the top-rated DIY window tint films, and higher quality films are available from the pros at Astro Auto Glass.

Black Magic Auto Window Tint

The Black Magic Auto Window Tint is a best seller for DIY window tinting. This film is a static cling, so it adheres to your windows without the need for glue. It can even be removed from car windows and reapplied. Black Magic comes in several shades and degrees of darkness.

Gila Extreme Window Tint for Cars

The Gila Extreme Window Tint for Cars is the darkest tint on the market. It has a 97% anti-glare rating and is similar to the tinting found on limousine windows and provides just as much privacy. Its EZ mount adhesive makes it quick and easy to apply to car windows.

Portint Windows Automotive Tint Film

The Portint Windows Automotive Tint Film is excellent at reducing the amount of solar heat that penetrates auto glass. Its 99% anti-UV rate also protects interior surfaces, such as your dash and console. The film can easily be cut to fit any car window.

Although some DIY products offer great UV protection and heat reduction, they only work when applied correctly, and that’s actually trickier than it seems. Window tinting films often behave like saran wrap, clinging to themselves before you can get them to the glass. We understand if you don’t want to deal with the hassle. Contact us to schedule an appointment for auto glass tinting.