Your Windshield Wipers May Be Damaging Your Windshield

For optimal visibility, you need to keep your windshield clear of water, dirt, bugs and anything else that flies at or gets stuck on your windscreen. That makes your windshield wipers extremely important to your safety. But did you know that the very fixtures you depend on to clean your windshield can damage it?

Dirty, worn and/or improperly installed windshield wipers can damage your windshield, sometimes to the extent that it can’t be repaired, only replaced.

How Windshield Wipers Can Cause Damage

Windshield wipers have metal and rubber components, both of which can potentially harm your windshield.

The rubber blades scrape against your windshield to channel water away from the driver’s line of sight. If these blades are dirty, they can actually drag fine particles across the windshield, leaving scratches. The repetitive motion of the wiper blades can deepen these scratches, leaving noticeable unevenness on the windshield surface.

If the rubber blades are torn and/or significantly worn, then the metal blade holder can scrape against your windshield. Metal on glass friction will result in larger scratches faster.

Signs of Windshield Damage from Your Wipers

Drivers and passengers may notice windshield wiper-induced damage because of:

  • Increased light reflection/refraction, which may cause increased glare or starbursts
  • Distorted vision
  • Difficulty with depth perception

Windshield wiper damage also creates spaces where water can get trapped, so you may also observe:

  • Incomplete cleaning
  • Streaking

You may also see growing cracks resulting from the freeze-thaw of trapped water.

How to Repair Windshield Wiper-Caused Damage

At the first sign of windshield damage, you should inspect your windshield wipers to see if they may be contributing to visibility issues. Your wipers may need to be cleaned or replaced. But, replacing wiper blades is not enough.

Your windshield needs to be inspected and serviced by the auto glass professionals at Astro Auto Glass.

Our technicians can determine the depth of scratches and unevenness and recommend the appropriate repairs, which may include:

  • Buffing out shallow scratches
  • Filling chips and small cracks to prevent water trapping
  • Replacing your windshield

Delaying windshield repairs will only allow the damage to get worse. Contact Astro Auto Glass today for an inspection or to schedule in-shop or mobile service.