Winter Windshield Care Tips

Winter can be hard on your car, even your windshield. Proper care of your windshield can help prevent chipping, cracking or premature damage. Follow these tips to help your auto glass survive until spring.

Change Temperature Gradually

Sudden temperature changes weaken auto glass, making it more prone to cracking and chipping. When you need to remove snow and ice, do it slowly. Remove excess snow and ice with a scraper. To remove the stuff that sticks, turn on your car’s defroster to soften ice, then clear it away with the scraper.

Never—and we mean never!—apply hot or boiling water to defrost your windshield.

Use an Ice Scraper

Ice scrapers are designed to be used on auto glass—putty knives, shovels and other “scrapers” are not. Other tools can scratch your windshield or worse, crack it. If you do not have an ice scraper, the best alternative is to let your car’s defroster work until you can clear snow and ice away with your gloved hand.

When to Do Windshield Repairs

Ideally, windshield scratches and chips should have been repaired before winter. However, if they were not, winter may be making them worse. If you see a crack 4” or longer in your windshield, contact Astro Auto Glass right away. Cracks this large present safety issues, so repairs should not be put off. We can repair auto glass any time of year in any weather in our temperature-controlled shop. However, if you need on-site service at home or work, it may need to wait for suitable temperatures (some products do not perform properly below certain temperatures).