Get Your Windshield Repaired Before Cold Weather Sets In

ThinkstockPhotos-526929743Over the summer, your windshield probably picked up a few cracks and dings, especially if you decided to go camping or on an interstate vacation. But now that summer is winding down and fall is around the corner, it’s a good idea to have your windshield taken care of right away – before that chipped windshield has the chance to get worse.

How Cold Weather Affects Damaged Glass

Cold weather, unsurprisingly, makes the windshield cold. And when things get cold, they expand – like water in an ice cube tray. The expansion in glass is small, but when the integrity of the glass is already damaged by cracks and chips, the expansion can cause broader cracks to appear. This is especially true because moisture can gather within the cracks and chips. When that moisture freezes, it drives the glass apart.

Other issues are more dramatic. In an effort to heat up the car and see more clearly through the windshield, many people make the mistake of cranking up their heaters or pouring hot water over their windshields. This causes the glass to rapidly expand and shrink, putting it at risk of shattering.

Repair Windshield Quickly

Small glass chips are quick, easy and inexpensive to repair. Instead of waiting until your windshield damage spreads and worsens, bring your car to Astro Auto Glass for chip repair. Within half an hour, your glass will be good as new and ready for the fall!