A Guide to Windshield Pitting

Your vehicle’s auto glass plays an integral role in safety. When glass is chipped, cracked, or damaged in some way, your visibility will naturally decrease. Windshield pitting is a common form of damage that affects auto glass, but it can be difficult to identify. Here are a few signs of windshield pitting, as well as some good advice on what you can do about it.

What Is Windshield Pitting?

Windshield pitting is a common form of auto glass damage that can occur gradually. As you drive the vehicle, dust, dirt, and other forms of tiny debris will be in constant contact with the windshield. This debris creates small defects, also known as pits, which can be hard to detect with the naked eye. However, the damage caused by debris is likely to become evident in other ways.

For instance, you may notice a glare on the glass when the sun hits it just right. Glare can be caused by these tiny defects, which in turn decreases visibility and detracts from a safe driving experience. As defects become worse, they may even obstruct your vision as you drive, which can lead to a major accident.

What Can You Do About Windshield Pitting?

Cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis can reduce some of the effects of pitting. Removing lingering debris stops it from creating pits and holes in the glass to ensure good visibility when driving. However, you must seek out immediate service if pitting is already severe.

In this case, your best bet is to have the entire windshield replaced. While certain cracks and chips can be effectively repaired by professional technicians, extensive pitting usually requires full-scale replacement to ensure safety. Once the work is complete, you can rest assured of optimum visibility and a safe driving experience.

No matter what type of auto glass damage you’re dealing with, Astro Auto Glass is here to help you address it. Our highly skilled and trained technicians can repair all sorts of damage, including minor chips and cracks. We also perform full windshield replacement to create a safer driving experience for you and other motorists. And because we’ve been in business since 1997, you know you can trust in our experience.

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