3 Windshield Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter is finally here, which means driving conditions can become pretty hazardous from time to time. In addition to other types of vehicle maintenance, maintaining your windshield is just as important this time of the year. A sturdy, reliable windshield provides optimum visibility, but it can also support your vehicle during car crashes. Here are a few ways to keep yours intact during winter.

  1. Change Your Wipers When Needed

It’s recommended that you change your vehicle’s wipers once every six to 12 months. However, the winter months can be hard on windshield wipers, so you might need to change more frequently when weather is bad. Look for peeling rubber, streaks on the windshield, and loud squeaking noises as the wipers operate. Windshield wipers maintain visibility when driving in wet conditions. As a result, they’re a crucial safety feature.

  1. Never Pour Boiling Water on Icy Auto Glass

While it might seem like pouring boiling water onto the windshield is the best way to melt ice quickly, it can actually do more harm than good. The sudden change in temperature can cause cracks to form in your auto glass, which will negatively impact its strength and durability. The best thing you can do is wake up early, warm up the car, and scrape ice and snow away. Just make sure you’re wearing warm clothing and gloves!

  1. Get Cracks Repaired Immediately

As illustrated above, even seemingly small cracks in auto glass can have a major impact on your windshield. If left unrepaired, small cracks will grow and spread until your visibility decreases and vehicle safety is compromised. An auto glass specialist can tell you whether repair or replacement is the best course of action when cracks occur.

While Albuquerque drivers might not have to deal with ice and snow this winter, they must still have the right support when it comes to their windshields. Fortunately, the team at Astro Auto Glass has the background and knowledge to perform fast and efficient repairs and replacements. We back many services with warranties for your peace of mind, and also offer to help customers deal with insurance issues.

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