Are There Different Types of Car Window Tints?

Window tinting offers both practical and aesthetic benefits to car owners. Along with image enhancement, the right tint can also boost comfort while driving, while simultaneously protecting the interior from the harsh rays of the sun.

With so many tinting options, it helps to understand their differences and what they offer before making a decision. Also, be sure to discuss legal regulations with your window tinting specialist, as some of the following options may not be allowed in New Mexico.


Dyed tint creates a sleek and stealthy look to vehicles, while reducing glare from bright sources of light. Dyed tint will also keep your car nice and cool on hot days, as it’s quite effective at absorbing heat from the sun. While it’s the most affordable tinting option, dye does have a tendency to fade over time. That means you may require a touch-up at some point.


While more expensive, carbon tints are highly resistant to fading when exposed to sunlight. With carbon, tinted windows will retain their good looks for longer, without any worries about touch-ups. Like dyed tints, carbon tinted windows look great while also keeping the interior of your vehicle temperate during hot days. They also offer a matte-black color that many car owners prefer.


Metalized tints have tiny metallic particles, which can block the sun rays from getting inside your vehicle. These tints have a shinier look than other types, which might not be pleasing to every driver. However, they’re highly durable and will not fade due to sun exposure. One possible disadvantage is that metal particles can interfere with mobile devices, which can be inconvenient when driving.


Hybrid tints combine dyed and metalized processes to make for a better tinting solution overall. With a hybrid tint, you won’t need to worry about fading over time. Similarly, there’s a lesser chance of mobile device interference while inside the vehicle. This option offers other benefits, such as reduced heat inside the vehicle, which ensures comfort and prevents the interior from fading.

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