Is Your Window Tinting Legal?

Window tinting is a great way to customize your ride and increase the interior comfort of your car. But as sick as some window tinting can be—colors, patterns, etc.—not all of it is street-legal in New Mexico. Be in the know so you can avoid the penalties.

How Dark Your Windows Can Be

New Mexico laws clearly outline how dark your window tinting can be.

Windshield Non-reflective tint is only allowed above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line or the 5” of the windshield, whichever comes first.
Front Side Windows More than 20% VLT (visible light transmission)
Back Side Windows More than 20% VLT
Rear Window More than 20% VLT

To Reflect or Not to Reflect

Currently, New Mexico has no guidelines for the reflectiveness of window tinting for the side and rear windows, so you’re free to choose to what degree your non-windshield windows look like mirrors or aviator shades. No colors are exclusively banned, either, giving you more customization options.

More Tinting Laws


  • If your rear window is tinted, you must have dual side mirrors.
  • There must be a sticker certifying that the tinting is legal (between the window glass and film application) on the driver’s side window.

There are some exemptions for medical purposes. We can help you understand some eligibility requirements, but you may need documentation before we will apply non-compliant tinting.

The pros at Astro Auto Glass know and abide by all New Mexico window tinting laws to help you steer clear of the consequences—fines…and possibly vehicle confiscation.