A Guide to Window Tinting

Living in New Mexico means you have steady exposure to gorgeous sunshine. However, the sun’s rays can do a number on your vehicle, while also making it extremely uncomfortable. Window tinting is the perfect solution to this issue, and it can also boost the visual appeal of your ride exponentially. This guide can help you understand what to expect when having your vehicle windows tinted.


Your installer will discuss things like tint percentage with you before getting started. This is crucial to ensure your car does not violate any traffic laws, but don’t worry, the tinting professional will be fully aware of relevant guidelines. Next, the auto glass will be thoroughly cleaned to ensure a dazzling finished result.


Once prep work is finished, the installer will precisely measure the auto glass to ensure a perfect fit. After measurement comes cutting, and it’s important to be meticulous when cutting the window film prior to installation. Fortunately, tinting professionals use special tools for a great outcome.


Application entails taking the measured and cut film and applying it to your auto glass. Once again, it’s crucial that your installer is meticulous when applying the film to your vehicle. That’s why they will take their time to ensure that the film matches the windshield perfectly before applying a strong adhesive to keep it in place.


Curing is the process of drying window film, which will keep it intact for years to come. Additionally, the tinting professional will also go over any special instructions with you when it comes to washing your auto glass. Proper care is a must, but you can rest assured that you’ll leave the tinting shop with important information.

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