How Long Does Window Tint Last?

You’ve been thinking about tinting your car/home/office windows for a while now, but you’ve got questions:

Does window tinting provide enough protection and heat reduction?
Perhaps more important—will the window tinting the film last long enough to make the investment worth it?

When you choose quality window tinting from Astro Auto Glass, you will get tint that lasts, providing excellent value.

What Affects Window Tint’s Lifespan

There is no easy way to answer the question “How long will my window tint last?” because the lifespan of window tinting varies greatly. There are a number of factors involved, such as:

    • Quality of Window Film
      With window tinting, you often get what you pay for. The least expensive tinting films are often very low-quality. These cheap tints breakdown quickly when exposed to intense UV radiation like we get in New Mexico. Add to that rough everyday wear, and some tints may last only a few months or up to one year before you notice fading or peeling.
      However, high-quality films, like those made of carbon or ceramic (like the films used at Astro Auto Glass), provide superior UV resistance. These types of films often have UV inhibitors can last 10 years or longer, and some even come with a lifetime warranty.
    • Quality of Installation
      While bubbling and changes in color can be a symptom of low-quality film, they can also be signs of poor installation. If these issues are the result of poor-quality installation, they may show up even faster. If you see bubbling, peeling or color changes, there’s no way to extend the life of your window tint. The film simply needs to be replaced.
    • Maintenance
      To get the longest life from your window tint, your tinted windows require gentle maintenance. Using window cleaners that contain harsh chemicals, including ammonia, will damage the film and reduce its lifespan. And even when the film is scratch-resistant, continual impact from keys or the seatbelt buckle can damage window film.
    • To ensure you are making a sound investment in window tinting, you need to find a shop that offers top-quality films and installation so that your window tinting will last for years (and years).

High-Quality Tinting that Lasts

    • You can get long-lasting window tinting from Astro Auto Glass. We insist on using the industry’s top films, and our technicians have years of experience. For auto glass, we hand-cut film and perform tinting in our dust-free booth to ensure the best fit and flawless finish.

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