How to Choose the Best Window Tint for Your Vehicle



Are you thinking about having your auto glass tinted? If so, there are many great options to choose from. When making a selection, you must consider function as well as looks. This guide explains a few key points to consider, so you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Learn about the Different Types of Tints

If you’re tinting auto glass primarily for aesthetic purposes, dyed tint is the way to go. This option is created by placing a dyed sheet between two layers of window film. It offers easy installation and affordability, but it does tend to fade over time.

Metalized tints are not prone to fading and are beneficial for blocking UV rays from entering your auto glass. The enhanced durability means this option is more expensive, but it also tends to last longer. You can also opt for a metalized-dyed hybrid, which offers the best of both options. Other choices include carbon and ceramic, which are generally considered the highest quality tints available.

Make Sure Your Installer Understands the Law

New Mexico has laws regarding the type and darkness of tint that is allowed on vehicles. If you are not compliant with these laws you run the risk of being pulled over and ticketed, which can get expensive after a while. State tinting laws highlight the importance of going to reputable installer, as they will be aware of local regulations and make sure they remain in those confines.

Keep Safety in Mind When Choosing Tint Shades

The last thing you want is your vision to be obscured behind the wheel thanks to a too-dark tint, even if it’s legally compliant. Additionally, tint must never be applied on rear and side view mirrors, or your vision will be significantly compromised. While your installer will also emphasize the importance of safety, don’t let your excitement about aesthetic appeal overtake common sense.

Scheduling service with a skilled and efficient auto glass company is also crucial for a pleasing result. That’s why drivers in Albuquerque turn to Astro Auto Glass when in need of tinting service.

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