Why Choose Local Businesses?

There’s a long list of reasons that people choose brand-name businesses, and it’s usually due to misconceptions about quality and value. But did you know that small businesses have a vested interest in maintaining the economy of the area? They depend on it just as much as you do; it’s in their best interest in ensuring that products and services aren’t so expensive that people can’t afford them. And there are many other reasons why choosing local businesses can work in your favor.

Customer Service

Brand-name stores have a national presence. They don’t have to worry about a few unhappy customers or a reputation that one particular store may gather if they hire rude employees. Closing a single store won’t affect a brand-name company.

But it will have profound effects on a family-owned business or a privately owned company. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important aspects of business for a privately owned establishment. Satisfied customers spread word-of-mouth advertising and become repeat customers.

Community Support

Every business in a community pays taxes that help support public services. They also provide jobs for local residents and have a vested interest in keeping a neighborhood safe and crime-free. Choosing a small or privately owned business for your needs ensures that your money is going back to the community and not out of the country.

Many locally owned businesses end up recycling a large share of their revenue back into the local economy rather than spending it elsewhere on imported goods. With their interest in maintaining a strong local economy and community, many small or privately owned companies also support local causes, donating time, money and goods to schools, churches, other small businesses and more.

Receiving attentive customer service, getting quality work and supporting the community you live in makes choosing local businesses over brand-names an attractive option. Be viewed as a person, not a number and pick a local business!