What Will My Windshield Replacement Entail?

A severe crack has turned into a dozen and your windshield isn’t safe any longer. It’s time for a replacement to be both legal on the road and safe to drive. But what is replacing your windshield going to entail? Here are a few basic things to keep in mind.

Will My Car Be Damaged?

Removing a windshield may seem like an extensive affair to people who don’t handle it every day, but there’s no risk of damage to your car. Everything holding your windshield in place is removed carefully by experts who handle this on a daily basis. The plastic molding and clips are removed before the windshield is separated from the pinch-weld.

Do I Need to Replace My Rearview Mirror?

Many rearview mirrors are attached to the windshield and not the car’s roof. If your rearview mirror is on your windshield, we will remove it and reposition it on the new windshield. You may have to adjust it, but it’ll be fastened to the windshield for you.

What About My Registration Stickers?

Before discarding a broken windshield, we remove the stickers. If it’s legal in the area, we can reapply the registration stickers to your new windshield. Double-check with your local MVD to ensure that you don’t need new inspection stickers and that you won’t need new registration after replacing a windshield.

Will I Be Able to Drive The Same Day?

Windshield replacement doesn’t take very long; it can usually be accomplished in under an hour. You do need to wait an additional hour to let the adhesive that’s sealed your windshield to the car fully set. But you won’t need to arrange for a rental car—you can take your own vehicle the same day that you’ve had the windshield replaced!