Was It a Rock? Or Something Else?

Discovering a broken windshield or car window is never enjoyable. You know you’re going to have to replace the glass as well as clean up the remnants. There’s always one or two pieces that stick around in the car that you discover months later, and it’s a hassle to take your car in for new glass. You might be suspecting a rock made contact—either accidently or deliberately—with the glass, but did you know there are other things that can break auto glass?

What’s the Weather Like?

Hail is known for denting car panels, but it can also shatter windows. If your car has been parked in an uncovered area, a hail storm could be responsible for the broken glass that you’ve just found. Try to park your car in a garage or beneath an overhang to protect it from hail during monsoon season.

Has It Been Hit Before?

Tempered glass is one of the two options for auto glass, and it’s heat resistant. While direct sunlight won’t damage your glass, the temperature fluctuations cause glass, metal and plastic to contract or expand. These can lead to cracks that are weak against impact. Has your window been struck by a rock previously? Stars and small cracks that are struck again can cause the glass to shatter.

Abrupt Pressure Changes

High speeds, objects pressing on the windshield and explosions—although we hope you’re never close enough to one to experience this!—can all cause pressure changes. The interior pressure of the car differs greatly from the exterior; this can stress the glass and cause it to shatter.

Keeping your auto glass in good repair requires being aware of the shape your glass is in—does it have small cracks or stars? Is it professionally installed?—and driving safely, as well as parking your car in protected areas. But if something does go wrong, Astro Auto Glass can help!