What Are the Different Types of Windshield Glass Damage?

You might not think much about the condition of your windshield until after damage occurs. At this point, you must schedule timely repair to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. A repair specialist can also recommend the right approach for the following types of damage.


Chips are spots of damage where a small portion of the glass has been removed, leaving a small pit behind. The severity of chips is often dependent on their location. If they appear in the driver’s line of vision, it’s usually recommended that the windshield is replaced instead of repaired.

Edge Crack

Edge cracks are worrisome because they can compromise the stability of the windshield. In the event of a roll-over accident, a compromised windshield will fail to protect the passengers and driver from a crushing injury. That’s why any cracks that appear on the edges require replacement, regardless of their size.


While similar to chips, bullseye damage is typically larger. You’ll be able to recognize them due to their circular indentation in the center. They often result from an impact, such as a rock or pebble bouncing up and hitting the windshield.

Floater Crack

As the name suggests, floater cracks can appear anywhere on the auto glass except at the edges. The severity of these cracks typically depends on their size. For instance, damage that is smaller than the size of a quarter can usually be repaired. More substantial damage typically calls for a replacement.

Star Break

Star breaks are probably what most people think of when they imagine cracks in auto glass. At the center is a chip, from which many lines radiate outward and create the appearance of a star. Star breaks are problematic since they will continue to obscure more of the windshield as they spread.

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