Types of Auto Tinting

Astro Auto Glass provides an array of window tinting options for your vehicle. We work with top-quality film manufacturers to bring you a selection of colors and shades that provide superior UV protection, privacy and aesthetic appeal while keeping your vehicle compliant with New Mexico regulations.

Window Tinting Colors Available

Window tinting provides a way for you to enhance the look of your vehicle because you can choose window tinting that matches, complements or stylistically contrasts your auto paint.

Select from:

  • Black
  • Bronze
  • Charcoal

Some tinting films also have reflective and/or color-change capabilities, giving your vehicle a distinctive look from any angle.

Window Tinting Shades We Offer

Astro Auto Glass offers a wide spectrum of tinting shades. Our preferred tinting film brands offer shades that allow in as little as 5% of visible light up to 60%. New Mexico regulations require at least 20% VLT, and Astro Auto Glass carries several tinting shades that meet the State’s minimum requirement.

Full and Limited Window Tinting

Astro Auto Glass allows you to choose just how much of your auto glass you will tint to provide the comfort and privacy you want inside your vehicle. We offer full window tinting and windshield-only tinting to accommodate your needs and budget.

Why Choose Us for Your Car Window Tinting?

Astro Auto Glass offers superior quality window tinting. We are one of the only tinting shops in Albuquerque with a temperature-controlled, dust-free booth. The quality of our facilities directly translates into better quality tinting that allows you to enjoy the benefits of tinting longer.

For a free quote for any of our window tinting services, please contact or visit us.

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