Full Auto Tinting in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Astro Auto Glass provides superior auto window tinting services that can enhance the comfort and appearance of your vehicle.

Why Consider Full Auto Tinting

Tinting is often applied just to the windshield. While the windshield does allow in the majority of visible light and UV radiation, there are benefits to tinting all your car windows.

Full auto tinting:

  • Can reduce the signs of photoaging, which are often more noticeable on drivers’ left sides because of light and UV penetration through the side window
  • Reduces visibility into your car from the sides where thieves look most often to case the contents of your vehicle
  • Further reduces light transmission that generates heat, enhancing the cooling capability of your window tinting

Full auto tinting also maintains a consistent look, whether that look is a color match or contrast, based on the type of window tint you choose.

Expert Auto Tinting

Quality installation is essential to getting the best performance and longest life from your full auto tinting. Astro Auto Glass offers unmatched quality because of our experience and state-of-the-art facilities.

Astro Auto Glass is the only tinting shop in Albuquerque with a climate-controlled, dust-free booth. We provide perfect window tinting any time of year, regardless of outside climactic conditions. Plus, we back our work with a lifetime warranty.

Choosing Your Auto Tint

Astro Auto Glass uses tinting films from the industry’s top manufacturers, and we carry a variety of shades and colors. Most vehicle owners know what look they want to achieve through tinting, but if you want recommendations, please ask. We can help you choose the best auto tint for your needs and make sure you stay in compliance with New Mexico window tinting regulations.

Contact us for a quote for full window tinting service. We may be able to schedule your service the same day you call.

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