How to Care for Your Car Window Tinting

Astro Auto Glass in Albuquerque, New Mexico takes pride in providing the best window tinting products and installation for a flawless finish. However, how long your tinting looks flawless depends on how well you care for it.

How to Allow Your Car Window Tinting to Cure

After your tinting is finished (approximately an hour for windshield-only tinting, up to three hours for full car tinting), the film requires time to fully cure or adhere to the glass. In order to prevent the film from peeling away from the glass do not roll down your windows for at least three days.

Also, you may notice some haziness. This is normal, and it will dissipate, usually in a matter of days in the intense New Mexico sunshine. Do not try to buff or shine away the haziness as that may tear the film or cause it to peel away from the glass.

How to Clean Your Tinted Windows

Once your window tinting has fully cured, you will need to clean your auto glass to remove smudges, dirt, etc. Do not use any window cleaners with ammonia. Use of ammonia-containing products will void your warranty.

For best results, use a microfiber cloth and a window cleaner formulated specially for tinted windows.

How to Preserve Your Car Window Tinting

At Astro Auto Glass, we apply a scratch-resistant coating over your window tinting film for an added layer of protection. However, this coating and the film can be damaged by:

  • Sharp objects, such as keys, box corners and the myriad objects you may load/unload in your vehicle
  • Impact from seat belt buckles
  • Dirt and debris trapped against the glass by the window’s weather stripping

The tinting film is engineered to be durable enough to withstand everyday wear from kids and pets, but limiting the abuse your tinting film has to take will help it last.

If you have additional questions about how to care for your car’s window tinting, please contact us. Our tinting technicians happy to help.

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