Benefits of Auto Window Tinting

Premium quality window tinting from Astro Auto Glass in Albuquerque, New Mexico allows you to enjoy the full benefits of auto window tinting. When done right and with the industry’s best tinting films, window tinting creates a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

The benefits of auto window tinting include:

  • Cooler Car Cabin
    When solar radiation penetrates your auto glass, it gets trapped as heat. Window films reflect a significant percentage of visible light and UV radiation, reducing heat build-up in your car.
  • Protection of Interior Materials from UV Deterioration
    UV radiation degrades the vinyl and other materials used on your dash, console and seats. Over time, deterioration leads to visible cracking, decreasing the performance and diminishing the resale value of your car. Window tinting reduces UV penetration to preserve the condition of your car’s interior.
  • Reduced Eyestrain and Slower Progression of Photo Aging
    UV, visible light and glare can take a toll on your eyes and skin. Window films provide a protective layer between your body and harmful solar radiation that is otherwise allowed to penetrate your auto glass.
  • Enhanced Privacy
    Window tinting interferes with the ability to look from the outside into your car. Reduced visibility prevents potential thieves from casing your vehicle and passers-by from eyeing you and your passengers.
  • Increased Collision Protection
    In the event of a collision, window film adhesive helps prevent auto glass spall, reducing the likelihood of injuries to you and your passengers from shattered glass.

When you choose Astro Auto Glass for your window tinting needs, you enjoy the full benefits of tinting. We are the only Albuquerque window tinting shop that has invested in temperature-controlled, dust-free booths to ensure the highest quality application.

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