Benefits of Window Tinting

Auto window tinting is not just for looks. Quality tinting from Astro Auto Glass provides a number of benefits that enhances the comfort, safety and value of your vehicle.

Window Tinting Benefits for You and Your Passengers

Window tinting is engineered to reduce visible light transmission (VLT) into your vehicle, and that makes your car’s cabin:

    • Cooler

With less solar energy getting trapped in your car as heat, window tinting allows your cabin to stay cooler, even when parked under intense sunshine. When you select tinting films with ceramic technology, your windows reflect even more heat-generating wavelengths for improved cooling performance.

    • More private

Window tinting makes it harder for anyone to see into your car, keeping you and your passengers safe from intruding glances.

Reduced VLT also reduces glare, relieving eye strain, and it blocks more UV rays, slowing photoaging that happens while you’re behind the wheel.

Window tinting also enhances the safety of your vehicle. The adhesive of the film contributes to the strength of the glass and minimizes spall that causes many accident injuries.

Window Tinting Benefits for Your Wallet

Window tinting also comes with financial benefits. By reducing the amount of solar energy penetrating your windows, window tinting:

  • Preserves the value of your interiors

Window tinting significantly reduces fading of upholstery and prevents deterioration of vinyl dash and console surfaces. And, the better your interiors look, the better resale value your vehicle retains.

  • Reduces break-in risk

Because outsiders cannot easily see inside, potential thieves have difficulty casing your vehicle, making it a poor target for a break-in. That spares you the expense of replacing stolen items and replacing broken windows.

Window tinting from Astro Auto Glass provides the best value. The investment you make in window tinting is protected by our tinting film manufacturers’ lifetime warranty. And, all tinting work is done in our dust-free, climate-controlled booth to ensure a flawless finish.

Experience the benefits of window tinting in your car. Contact us for a free estimate and to schedule service at our Albuquerque shop, conveniently on Menaul between Broadway and 2nd.