Before You Tint Your Windows, Ask These Questions First

The sun in Albuquerque can be unforgiving, a fact that is particularly noticeable when you climb into your vehicle after letting it sit for any length of time. Though window tint can’t protect you from the sun’s rays when you’re walking around, it can help to keep your car cool while it’s parked. That said, before you move forward with window tinting, ask yourself and the company with which you plan to work five important questions.

  1. How Long Will the Tint Last?

Quality window tint should last for years, not months. This is true even if your vehicle is exposed to high heat and intense rays on a daily basis, as it will be in New Mexico. If a company answers this question with anything other than “Years,” keep shopping around.

  1. Does the Film Come With a Warranty?

A quality window tinting company has confidence that the film it applies will last for years, and thus, it offers a warranty. Before agreeing to work with a company, confirm the exact length of the warranty and any stipulations.

  1. What Level of Technology Does the Tint Have?

Everything has technology these days, even window tint. No, not the type of technology that allows you to post to Instagram or download a video (yet), but it’s important technology nonetheless. Quality tint should have UV protection (After all, isn’t that the point of tint?), while some offer protection from shattering glass and others offer precision machine cutting which ensures a precise fit. The more technology your chosen tint has, the more expensive it will be. However, for many people, the additional benefits are well worth the added cost.

  1. How Much Will Tint Cost?

The cost of window tint varies from location to location. However, expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $400 for your whole vehicle. That said, before you go to the shop, do two things: Determine what you want from your tint and set a budget. If you can’t get the type of tint you want for the price you can afford, hold off on the upgrade. Save for a couple more weeks, then go back and get the quality tint you really want.

  1. How Do I Choose a Window Tinting Company?

When it comes to window tinting companies in Albuquerque, you have several from which to choose, so how do you choose the best? You should be able to get an idea of which companies reputable and which provide low-quality work based on their answers to the above questions. From there, go with the company with which you feel most comfortable. Ask to see previous work, read reviews and ask around about the company’s overall reputation. You should also research the reputation of the desired film’s manufacturer, just to be sure the company is telling the truth.

If you want to improve both the appearance of your vehicle and the comfort it offers, window tint is a necessary upgrade. For high-quality tint, contact Astro Auto Glass today.