Tint Your Windows Before the Temps Go Up!

Window tinting looks cool, but it can keep your car cool, too. If you want to sweat less and protect your dash and upholstery from sun damage, now’s the time to head to Astro Auto Glass for quality window tinting.

How Window Tints Work

There are a variety of films that can be applied to auto glass, and each one works a little differently.

Nearly all films filter Visible Light Transmission (VLT), providing a shaded effect that reduces glare and just plain looks cool. But window films can also:

  • Filter UV rays
  • Filter infrared rays

Blocking UV rays protects your car’s interior, preventing vinyl dashes from cracking. Blocking infrared rays significantly minimizes heat build-up in a closed vehicle.

Window Tinting for Comfort and Value

By reflecting damaging UV rays and heat-producing infrared rays, window tinting can make your vehicle more comfortable, even after being parked in the scorching New Mexico sun. It can help boost or maintain your car’s value, too. But to get the benefits of window tinting, it has to be done right.

Astro Auto Glass provides top-quality window tinting service using the best brands in the industry. We can help you select the window tint that achieves the right look and fits your budget.

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