Top 4 Window Tint Trends for 2020

With a new year comes many new and exciting automotive window tinting trends. Having your vehicle’s windows tinted serves a practical purpose, in that it prevents damage to the interior due to extended sun exposure. While that’s a real bonus to vehicle owners in Albuquerque, window tinting also has an impact on the look and comfort of your vehicle. Here are a few exciting tinting developments to watch out for.

1. Ceramic Window Tinting

While it might seem unlikely, ceramic is a great option for tinting windows. Made up of tiny particles imperceptible to the human eye, ceramic tints offer an increased level of visibility while also providing shade from the sun. In fact, ceramic blocks approximately 90% of infrared light rays, which makes the insider of your vehicle far cooler on hot days. It also blocks up to 99% of damaging UV rays. Additionally, ceramic tint is less likely to fade over time, resistant to shattering, and reduces glare and reflection to make for a safer driving experience.

2. Crystalline Tinting

Perhaps you want great benefits like UV and infrared light reduction, but don’t necessarily want your windows to appear any darker. Crystalline tinting is the right option for you, in this case. Because it reflects solar energy so well, you can also expect a cool and comfortable vehicle, even when the weather is oppressively hot outside.

3. Carbon Window Film

Carbon has a wide range of uses, including batteries, industrial machinery, jewelry, mechanical pencils, and even fuel. It also has applications as an effective form of window film, since it helps block solar rays and reduce interior heat like other tinting materials. As an added benefit, carbon tinting offers a matte-finish that many vehicle owners find highly attractive. While it tends to be the more expensive option, carbon is quite durable and not prone to fading over time.

4. Metalized Film

Metal coating is applied to window film to repel the sun’s rays. By reflecting the sun’s rays away from the vehicle, this tint boosts the performance of your air conditioning thanks to the cooler interior temperature. On its own it creates a reflective, mirror-like aesthetic that some car owners love. However, metalized film can be combined with dye to create a less glossy, smokier look depending on your personal taste.

Let’s Talk Tint

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