How Do Hot and Cold Temperatures Affect Your Auto Glass?

A crack or chip in your windshield is a major cause for concern. Even seemingly minor defects can affect the safety and stability of auto glass, as well as create hazardous obstructions that may prevent drivers from seeing the road clearly.

In addition to physical damage, car windshields can also be affected by other factors. For instance, hot and cold temperatures can cause serious defects to form, which can compromise your safety, as well as the safety of other drivers.

The Impact of Hot Temperatures

Cool, refreshing air conditioning is a must when traveling in your car during summer. However, your AC can also wreak havoc on your auto glass by causing it to cool down too quickly. When the windshield is hot from the sun and heat, rapid cooling will cause the auto glass to contract. And when the AC is off, the glass will expand again.

This cycle of expansion and contraction can cause defects to form. If there are existing cracks and chips in the auto glass, it may even worsen them. You can hopefully avoid these issues by bringing the AC to a comfortable temperature slowly. Positioning the air vents so that they’re pointing away from the windshield is also beneficial, as the hot auto glass won’t be subject to a sudden rush of cold air.

How Cold Temperatures Can Damage Auto Glass

Cold weather can also cause damage to your windshield, only it will be the exterior temperature that’s chilling your auto glass. When you get in your vehicle and turn on the heater, the cold windshield will warm up quickly. This process may result in new damage or worsen cracks that are already present.

Additionally, cold weather can threaten your windshield in other ways. For instance, using sharp objects to remove ice can also chip the auto glass. And pouring hot water onto a cold windshield is severely problematic, as it will raise the temperature of the glass even quicker than the heater would.

What Can You Do About Auto Glass Damage?

Along with following the proper auto glass practices throughout the year, having chips and cracks repaired immediately can spare you from windshield damage. Serving Albuquerque drivers since 1997, Astro Auto Glass can repair defects large and small. Along with our auto glass repair services, we also perform window tinting to give your vehicle an eye-catching look.

If you’re in need of timely auto glass repair, please call 505-766-5176 today. You can also contact us for more information.