3 Types of Wintertime Glass Damage to Avoid

Winter is the season of auto glass abuse as people try to minimize the time they spend in the cold restoring visibility through their windows. Unfortunately, many time-saving tricks damage your auto glass, making it more susceptible to chips and cracks you have to pay to get repaired.

To ensure the integrity of your auto glass stays intact throughout the cold, avoid these types of damage: Continue reading “3 Types of Wintertime Glass Damage to Avoid”

Winter Windshield Care Tips

Winter can be hard on your car, even your windshield. Proper care of your windshield can help prevent chipping, cracking or premature damage. Follow these tips to help your auto glass survive until spring.

Change Temperature Gradually

Sudden temperature changes weaken auto glass, making it more prone to cracking and chipping. When you need to remove snow and ice, Continue reading “Winter Windshield Care Tips”