Everything You Need to Know to Select the Right Auto Glass Installer

Your auto glass forms a shield to protect you from flying debris. To be effective, the integrity of the glass and seals needs to be intact. When you need new auto glass, it’s very important to find an installer who provides excellent quality work so that your auto glass performs the way you need it to. Here’s how to find that reliable auto glass installer…

Pre-Installation Inspection

The right auto glass installer will inspect the glass before installing it in your car. Replacement auto glass has been handled by a number of entities before it gets to an installer’s shop. To make sure it is free of nicks, chips and cracks, installers need to carefully examine it before cutting it to fit your windows.

High Quality Glass

The right auto glass installer must use high quality glass—either glass from OEM suppliers or aftermarket suppliers with a solid reputation.

High Quality Adhesives and Seals

Your auto glass is really only as good as the materials keeping it in place, so the right auto glass installer uses quality adhesives and seals. How can you distinguish the quality of those? Warranties and job completion time. The right installer will back the performance of their materials and their work, which should probably take at least an hour because, on average, that’s how long it takes for adhesives to properly set or cure.

The Right Auto Glass Installer in ABQ

When you need new auto glass in the greater Albuquerque area, you need the expertise of Astro Auto Glass. Astro Auto Glass has been in business since 1977 and is a member of the National Glass Association. Our mission has always been to give customers convenient, cost-effective and high-quality auto glass service.

We want to be recognized as the best auto glass technicians in the city, so we take the time to do your auto glass repair or replacement job right the first time. We use quality materials and back our work with a lifetime guarantee. Contact us for your auto glass needs.