RVs Need Love, Too!

Vacation season is just around the corner, and like everyone else, you’re ready to spend your summer relaxing. Unlike travelers planning to take to the skies, you plan to save money by driving your RV. But before you hit the road, let Astro Auto Glass show your RV some love by repairing, replacing and/or tinting your windows for optimal safety and comfort.

Window Repair: It’s about More than Visibility

Maybe you’ve gotten used to driving with that crack in your windshield. After all, you can see just fine around it. But did you know it could prove deadly in an accident? Cracked and chipped auto glass is structurally compromised. When subjected to severe impact, as it would be in an accident, it is more likely to shatter. Broken glass by itself poses a safety risk, but it also makes you vulnerable to debris and other objects that may enter your vehicle during a crash, and that can cause even more injuries.

The moral of the story: get your RV auto glass repaired or replaced before your vacation starts.

Window Tinting: Comfort and Privacy on the Road and Off

Astro Auto Glass offers RV window tinting, and shaded auto glass provides a number of benefits, particularly for RV drivers and passengers who live in their ride. For example, tinted windows:

  • Block UV radiation and solar heat, keeping your RV cooler without overworking your AC system
  • Provide privacy for you and your passengers both on the road and parked at the campgrounds or RV park
  • Deter thieves because they cannot adequately scope out what’s inside

Tinted windows also help protect your interiors by minimizing deterioration caused by sunlight exposure.

Astro Auto Glass makes it easy to show your RV auto glass some love before vacation season. We provide mobile tinting and repair service. Contact us for a free estimate and to schedule service.