Windshield Rock Chip Repair in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Astro Auto Glass provides windshield repair that can save you hundreds of dollars on untimely windshield replacement. Our rock chip repair service effectively restores the integrity of your windshield in less than an hour.

The Benefits of Early Windshield Repair

At Astro Auto Glass, we encourage drivers to be proactive about windshield repair. As soon as you notice a chip or small crack, take your car to us or schedule mobile service. Early windshield repair:

  • Restores the strength of your windshield so that it provides the best protection from foreign material and in the event of an accident
  • Prevents growth of stars or cracks that can severely interfere with visibility and safety
  • Is a fraction of the cost of windshield replacement

There simply is no more cost-effective way to remedy minor auto glass damage.

What to Expect during Rock Chip Repair

The certified technicians at Astro Auto Glass clean and prepare the chip so that the bonding compound we use properly adheres to the surrounding glass. The entire process takes about 30 minutes.

There are no special after-care instructions for rock chip repairs. You may drive your car immediately, use windshield cleaning fluid as needed, etc.

When Rock Chip Repair Is Not Enough

Rock chip repair can effectively prevent growth of chips into bigger problems, and it can be done on multiple chips. However, if your windshield has five or more chips, the integrity of the auto glass is compromised, even with the bonding compound. If our technicians see several chips and/or any growth around chips, we will recommend windshield replacement.

If chip repairs that we performed failed, we will credit the cost of the windshield repair to the cost of the new windshield.

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