Benefits of Window Tinting

Window tinting used to be just for looks, but with all the benefits tinting offers, it is an excellent choice for every Rio Rancho driver.

Increased Comfort for Drivers and Passengers

Window tinting increases the interior comfort of your car in multiple ways:

    1. It keeps your cabin cooler.

Window tinting reduces the amount of solar energy that gets trapped inside your car as heat. That makes your vehicle more comfortable to get into, even after being parked under the blazing sun, and easier to cool off.

    1. It decreases glare and eye strain.

Window tinting reduces visible light transmission, including visible light reflected from other surfaces and light that causes distorting effects, likes starbursts. As a result, your eyes do not have to work as hard.

Considering how much time many Rio Rancho drivers spend in their cars, increased comfort cannot be overstated.

Increased Privacy and Security

Window tinting makes it difficult to see inside your car. This protects you and your passengers from intrusive looks from pedestrians and neighboring vehicles. This also protects whatever you keep in your car from being cased by a potential thief.

Increased Crash Protection

Window tinting adds another layer of adhesive that keeps auto glass together in the event of an accident. By keeping glass intact, window tinting reduces spall, which causes many injuries each year.

Better Resale Value

Window tinting reduces both visible and invisible (i.e. UV) light transmission. Less UV exposure means less deterioration of interior surfaces, including vinyl and upholstery. And, the better your interiors look, the better your car retains value.

Added Benefits from Rio Rancho’s Top Tinting Shop

In addition to the benefits of window tinting, you can get the benefits of extensive warranty coverage and unrivaled service when you choose Astro Auto Glass.

Our technicians perform every tinting job to the highest quality standards. We use industry-preferred tinting films and hand-cut film for the best fit.

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