Does Filing an Auto Glass Repair Claim Affect Your Insurance?

Having glass coverage on your vehicle is highly recommended. Damage to auto glass must be repaired in a timely manner to ensure a safe driving experience. Insurance covers necessary repairs or even replacements, which means you can always afford to take care of damaged auto glass.

However, filing a claim to have glass repaired can also impact your insurance rates depending on the situation. This guide explains when to cover repairs on your own, and when you should contact your insurer for assistance.

When the Damage Is Not Your Fault

Imagine you’re in an accident with another driver, who is clearly at fault for what occurred. In this case, you would file a claim with their insurer, which means you pay no costs out of pocket. However, if the driver lacks the proper insurance and you have glass coverage on your policy, you can also file a claim with your insurer. In most cases your rates will not increase. The only exception might be is if you have a lot of at-fault claims on your record, in which case the insurer might institute a rate increase regardless of fault.

When the Damage Is Minor

Certain auto glass defects can be safely and effectively repaired. While full replacement is required for large cracks or those that are in your line of vision, minor cracks can usually be patched. When costs are affordable, it doesn’t always make sense to get your insurance company involved. This is especially true if you can be considered at fault for the damage.

When You Have Accident Forgiveness

Accident forgiveness allows you to retain the same insurance rates even after an at-fault accident has occurred. You may receive accident forgiveness after going accident-free after some time, which in effect resets your coverage. You may also be allowed one or more accidents before a rate increase is applied. If your policy does offer accident forgiveness, it might be worthwhile to file a claim to have more expensive services covered, such as windshield replacement.

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