Importance of Windshield Rain Sensors on Your Vehicle

These days, car manufacturers have automated numerous features for improved safety and convenience. Many of these features use sensors, which prevent collisions when changing lanes by detecting vehicles in your blind spot. They can also take over steering and braking capabilities when one vehicle strays too close to another.

Windshield rain sensors are yet another safety innovation that assure optimum visibility when driving in wet conditions. While not as common as some of the other new safety features, more and more drivers are discovering just how beneficial they are.

How Windshield Rain Sensors Work

Rain sensors not only detect drops of moisture on auto glass, but also the intensity of the rain fall. It detects precipitation via an infrared light, which is aimed at the windshield. As drops of rain fall, they reflect light back towards the windshield sensor. This triggers a mechanism to turn on the wipers to the proper speed for the current weather conditions.

How to Install Your Own Sensor

In addition to purchasing a new vehicle featuring windshield rain sensor technology, you can also install an aftermarket kit on your current car or truck. Most kits contain a sensor, which goes on the outside of the windshield, as well as a control box. The control box must be wired into the electrical panel in order to turn the windshield wipers on when the sensor detects moisture on the glass. Most kits also provide manual function, which allows you to operate the wipers in the traditional way.

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