How to Protect Your Windshield in The Hot Summer Sun

New Mexico is known for its gorgeous, year-round weather. While ideal for outdoor recreation, the hot, blazing sun can wreak havoc on your vehicle, particularly the windshield, which is subject to continuous sun exposure all year long. Taking the following proactive steps ensures your windshield remains protected from the intense heat, while also safeguarding the interior of your vehicle.

Invest in a Windshield Shade

The design of windshield shades is pretty simple; these windshield-sized shades are made from materials that reflect the sun’s rays away from your vehicle, which reduces sun exposure. They also keep the interior of your vehicle cool and temperate, and even prevent your steering wheel and dash from being extremely hot to the touch when you enter your vehicle. The best part? For all the benefits of windshield shades, there are highly affordable.

Park Your Vehicle in a Shady Area

Along with a windshield shade, you should also be choosy with where you park your vehicle if you want to ward off sun exposure. While it’s not always possible, you should take every opportunity to park your vehicle in a shaded place. If you have a garage, use it. If you park on the street and have access to a shaded area, park your vehicle there if you’re permitted to. Being selective about where you park offers another layer of protection to your windshield and the interior of your vehicle.

Check Your Windshield for Cracks & Defects

While it’s true an intact windshield is unlikely to be affected by sun exposure, the sun’s rays can compromise an already damaged windshield even further. Extreme temperature changes, like the intensely hot days and cool nights common in New Mexico, cause your windshield to expand and contract. If your windshield is cracked, this expansion and contraction process will cause existing defects to grow even bigger, until your vehicle will be unsafe to drive.  Even minor cracks can cause major issues, so don’t delay when it comes to windshield glass repairs.

Where can you go in Albuquerque for reliable auto glass repair? Astro Auto Glass offers safe and effective windshield repair services to address small cracks before they pose a significant safety issue to drivers. In the event your windshield is severely compromised, we also offer auto glass replacement to ensure maximum safety.

The first step is to call 505-766-5176 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative about your repair needs. In many cases, our team is equipped to provide same day repair. If you’d like more information on the services we provide, feel free to contact us.