How Tinted Windows Can Protect Your Child

Most people think tinted windows are just for looks. But, tinted windows provide capabilities beyond cosmetic appearance. In fact, tinted windows can provide your children a number of protections when riding in your car.

Tinted Windows Can Protect Your Child’s Privacy

Tinted windows can (lawfully) block up to 80% of visible light that penetrates your car windows. By doing so, tinting prevents outsiders from looking in. That means that prying eyes cannot ogle your children or see identifying information that could put them at risk.

Tinted Windows Can Protect Your Child’s Skin and Eyes

UVA rays are the type of ultraviolet radiation that can contribute to the development of certain types of skin cancers and vision loss, and they can penetrate glass. So, children just riding in a vehicle with un-tinted windows are absorbing solar radiation that can harm them…and who thinks to wear sunblock in the car?

Astro Auto Glass carries window tinting films that block 99% of UVA radiation, so your children have the sun protection they need inside your car’s cabin.

Tinted Windows Can Protect Your Child in a Crash

Auto glass is made with a layer of laminate to minimize spall in the event of an accident. Yet, many crash-related injuries are cuts or penetration wounds from broken glass. Window tinting film helps reduce the risk of injuries resulting from broken glass. Tinting films do not increase glass strength, but the adhesive helps keep shattered glass in place.

If you have never considered window tinting before because you thought it was just an aesthetic application, it’s time to think again. Window tinting can enhance the physical safety of your little ones.

Astro Auto Glass in Albuquerque, NM provides a variety of tinting options to fit your style and budget, and all our work is of the highest quality. Contact us for a free estimate or to schedule tinting application in our fully-enclosed, dust-free booth.