Is Paint Protecting Film on a New Car Worth it?

You have a brand-new car. It sparkles, it shines, it has that new car smell. Everything is perfect, and there’s not a scratch on it—and you want to keep it that way! So, what’s the best way to do that? Does paint protecting film really work? Is it worth the investment?

What is Paint Protecting Film?

Paint protecting film, or PPF, is an invisible, adhesive-backed film applied over your car to protect the paint. PPF application used to be limited to the front of the vehicle, but advances in materials and techniques allow it to be installed over your entire vehicle.

The Pros of Paint Protecting Film

PPF is one of the best ways to protect the paint on your new car, especially if you have a custom paint job or a high-end model. On any given day, your car may be pelted with little rocks and other road debris, resulting in small chips and rips in your paint job. But with PPF, those chips and rips only affect the film, not your paint. And, because PPF is self-healing, scratches will disappear with heat (either from the sun or a professionally applied heat gun).

The Cons of Paint Protecting Film

PPF doesn’t provide invincible protection. The film is not bullet-proof. And while PPF will take a beating in place of your paint job, sometimes the rips and chips may be severe enough to require film replacement or paint repair/touch-up. Still, when it comes to those daily chips or even low-speed impact damage, like scrapes and scratches from garage door dings, what could have been an expensive repair may be only require replacing the damaged film.

Is Paint Protecting Film Worth It?

At Astro Auto Glass, we believe PPF is a great paint protection option. It can be the difference between a simple film replacement versus a costly repair. And, it gives you peace of mind, knowing your brand-new car is shielded from everyday nicks and scratches.

However, the value you get from PPF is determined by the value of your car. If your was an inexpensive model to begin with and/or you know its resale value has significantly diminished, then you may not want to invest heavily in paint protection (PPF or otherwise). However, keeping a high-value vehicle or a car that you will love for years looking nice for its lifetime is absolutely worth the cost of PPF.

You can count on Astro Auto Glass for superior PPF application. We provide exceptional attention to detail, unmatched experience and specialized facilities to ensure your paint protecting film is done right and keeps your car looking great for years to come. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.