Are There Car Tinting Laws in New Mexico?

Window tint on your vehicle can improve its look and keep your interior cool and comfortable. However, you must abide by local laws and regulations when having tint installed on your vehicle. While your installer should have working knowledge of the law, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Tint Darkness Laws

Laws are broken down into two categories for sedans and for SUVs and vans. For sedans, the front, back, and side windows must allow 20% of light to enter the glass. As for the windshield, non-reflective tint can only appear above the AS-1 line or within the top five inches.

When it comes to SUVs and vans, the front windows must allow 20% of light to shine through, while any darkness can be used for the back and rear windows. Like sedans, non-reflective tint can only be used at the top of the windshield.

Tint Reflection Laws

No reflective tint is allowed on the front and back windows. However, it can be used on the rear windows. There must be a label or sticker on the windshield showing that the installation was conducted according to legal guidelines.

Other Laws to Consider

You can’t use amber, red, or yellow tint on the windshield or any windows. You must also have dual side mirrors if any of the windows are tinted. In the event you violate any of these laws, you may be faced with a maximum $75 fine and a petty misdemeanor charge.

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