Handling the Details

When summer vacation approaches, it’s time to handle all the little details and then toss caution to the wind and enjoy your family trips. All of the little things you have to address before you can enjoy some carefree time can be annoying. Don’t let maintenance on your RV be one of the things you let slide just to save yourself a little time!

It’s Just a Little Crack, Right?


A crack in your RV’s windshield isn’t just dangerous; it’s illegal. Windshields are part of the protective structure of a vehicle, and if they’re compromised, it can end in collisions. If you can’t see out of your windshield because light’s glaring off of a crack, you could end up hurting your vehicle, yourself or others.

Repairing a crack before it goes from a minor repair to a major replacement saves you money. Not only do you save on avoiding a complete replacement, but having the crack repaired gives a glass technician a chance to look over your other RV windows. Did you know that running the A/C to compensate for leaking windows can make you use more gas? Properly sealed windows hold in the cool air, reducing the amount of time you need to run your A/C.

We’ll Make It Easy!

At Astro Auto Glass, we have certified auto glass technicians who can examine your RV’s windows, find the cracks, chips and gaps and give you a lifetime warranty on our repairs. With our high quality materials and competitive pricing, we don’t add to your pre-vacation worries. We lighten them! Contact us today to schedule your appointment so you can hit the road confidently this summer!