Getting Your RV Glass Fixed

Auto glass is part of your car’s safety features. It keeps you protected from air currents, debris and also provides structural integrity to the vehicle itself. Getting it repaired is absolutely necessary, but are most auto glass shops able to handle an RV?

There’s a difference in height, the shape of the windows and the difficulty of working on something so large can make it hard for you to find someone to repair or replace damaged RV glass. It’s just as necessary as on a smaller car—visibility issues increase your chances of accidents—but how do you find someone qualified?

Get Problems Handled Immediately

If you haven’t already found a shop that will handle your RV’s glass, you should research before you actually need their services. It’s tempting to ignore the small chips or cracks in your RV windshield, but those can quickly turn into cracks that limit your visibility.

Replacing an RV windshield is more expensive than repairing it and RV windshield glass is some of the most expensive auto glass in usage. Cars and trucks are widely available and windshields are manufactured constantly; there’s no scarcity for replacing that glass. RVs aren’t nearly as common and there are fewer windshields available. This makes the cost of replacement much higher than for a car. Why spend more than you have to?

Choose Quality Repairs

Astro Auto Glass has been providing Albuquerque with exceptional auto glass services since 1997. We know how difficult it is to find RV glass repair and how important it is that you’re able to get those services. It’s even more important that the services be affordable and offer you the same high quality you’d get at a dealership.

RV auto glass is as important as the glass in your car and is more expensive to replace. Not many shops are equipped to deal with the size of RVs, so come to the experts that are able to give you the services you need when you need them. Drive safely with clean, clear, whole glass!