Full Tint Services in Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Car window tinting can improve your vehicle’s interior comfort and security. Astro Auto Glass can help you get the best results and performance with high-quality full window tinting service.

Maximize the Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Window tinting can be applied to the windshield only, but full tinting allows you to maximize the benefits of tinting. With full window tinting, you can eliminate nearly all UV radiation from penetrating your auto glass, and that:

  • Reduces or slows photoaging, which can be especially noticeable on the left side of the face where drivers get the most sun exposure
  • Preserves the condition of vinyl dashboards and leather upholstery
  • Significantly reduces the amount of solar energy that gets trapped inside your car as heat

Full window tinting also decreases visibility from the outside in, enhancing your privacy.

Choose Astro Auto Glass for Your Full Tint

There are dozens of choices for full window tinting shops in Rio Rancho, but you are best served by choosing Astro Auto Glass. Only Astro Auto Glass offers:

  • Full window tinting applied in a climate-controlled, dust-free booth for flawless results
  • Full window tinting performed by some of the most highly experienced technicians

Both window tinting materials and workmanship are covered by lifetime warranties. Plus, we offer free quotes and can often accommodate same-day service.

Selecting Your Full Window Tinting Look

The hardest part of full window tinting may be choosing the right tint for your car. Visit our shop for samples of each tinting color and shade. Please contact us with questions and to schedule service.

Contact us online or call 505-766-5176 for a free quote for full auto tinting.