How Astro Auto Glass Restores Your Windshield to Factory Specifications

Auto glass is tough stuff—it has to be to keep you protected from flying debris and other road hazards. Still, auto glass chips, cracks and shatters. When it does, you need it replaced and you need to be assured that your windshield is as safe and as good-looking at when your car rolled off the factory floor.

When you bring your car to Astro Auto Glass, our skilled professionals perform windshield replacement that restores the integrity of your auto glass and enhances the appearance of your car. And here’s a look at the process:

  1. We remove the molding and any clips holding it in place from around your windshield.
  2. We then determine the best angle (from inside or outside of the vehicle) to separate the windshield from the pinch-weld, the part that forms the windshield frame.
  3. The urethane adhesive securing the windshield to the pinch-weld is then cut and the windshield glass is removed from the vehicle.
  4. The pinch-weld is cleaned, removing any excess urethane adhesive, dirt, rust or other contaminants that can weaken the adhesion between the new auto glass and urethan adhesive.
  5. We prime the pinch-weld to ensure the best adhesion possible when the new urethane is applied.
  6. We apply new urethane adhesive and set the new factory glass in the frame.
  7. Once the urethane has set, we replace the windshield gasket and trim to create a finished look.

These steps allow for the best and safest windshield install process. While these steps sound simple, there are a lot of little details that can significantly affect the quality of your windshield replacement, so we do not recommend you try removing or replacing auto glass yourself.

At Astro Auto Glass, we guarantee that your new windshield will look as if your vehicle just came off the factory line. If you are in need of a factory windshield replacement, please contact us.