Does Your Insurance Policy Have a Glass Deductible?

Cracked and chipped windshields are a simple fact of life as a car owner. Throughout the life of your car, you will probably end up needing windshield repair many times. If you have insurance, the cost of this can be reduced – or, in some cases, glass repair and replacement is totally covered.

What Kind of Coverage Do You Have?


Insurance coverage that protects your vehicle comes in two varieties: collision and comprehensive. Collision pays for accident-related damages; comprehensive covers things like natural disaster and vandalism. And many insurance companies offer two types of comprehensive insurance: standard and full glass.

In a standard comprehensive policy, you pay a deductible for every claim; the difference between your deductible and the cost of repair is paid for by insurance. With full glass coverage, your deductible is waived if only glass is damaged.

In other words: If you have full glass coverage on your auto insurance policy, glass repair is free.

Is It Worth It?

Full glass coverage is usually more expensive than the standard, and you may not find it worthwhile. However, if you live on a gravel road, travel often or otherwise expose your windshield to damage frequently, it might be worth considering.

You can always contact your insurance company to discuss your options and see whether you might be able to save money in the long run by switching to full glass coverage!