Tips For Quickly Defrosting a Car Windshield

Winter snow can really do a number on your vehicle. It can also make your morning routine a lot more challenging when you find piles of snow and ice on your windshield.

In this case, knowing how to quickly and easily defrost your vehicle’s windshield can make all the difference. Here are a few methods to try to spare yourself some hard work the next time it snows.

Make Your Own Defrosting Solution

It’s possible to efficiently remove ice from your vehicle’s windshield by using items you have in your home right now. Simply create a mixture consisting of one-third water and two-thirds isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to your icy windshield and wait a few minutes, as you should see the ice dissolve rather quickly. Isopropyl alcohol works similarly to salt when it comes to melting ice, but it won’t scratch up your windshield like abrasive salt granules might.

Eliminate Moist Air Inside the Vehicle

While your homemade mixture is doing its thing on the windshield, you can also take steps to reduce moisture inside the vehicle:

  • Turn on your car heater’s defrost setting
  • Turn on the AC to reduce moisture within the vehicle
  • Open the windows to introduce some dry air from outside

By reducing the moisture inside the vehicle, windshields will defog at a faster rate than if you used the defrost setting on the heater alone. That means you can clear your windshield and be on your way much quicker on cold, snowy mornings.

Drivers in Albuquerque don’t need to worry about defrosting their windows and winter, but you may still experience auto glass damage. In this case, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Astro Auto Glass for windshield repair and replacement. We also provide window tinting services to ensure you stay cool and comfortable in sunny New Mexico. Schedule an appointment by calling 505-766-5176 or contact us to learn more.