How Can Ice Scrapers Damage Your Windshield?

Ice scrapers are an invaluable tool during winter when snow and ice are a constant feature. However, ice scrapers can also cause damage to your auto glass if used incorrectly. This damage can range from small scratches to major gouges, both of which can obscure visibility and make driving hazardous. The following are a few best practices to use when cleaning your vehicle during the winter months.

How Ice Scrapers Can Damage Your Vehicle

When used properly on a secure and intact windshield, ice scrapers aren’t likely to cause any harm. However, if your auto glass has already been compromised by a chip, crack, or divot, it’s not as strong as it would be normally. As a result, pressure from the ice scraper may cause the damage to get worse, especially in extremely low temperatures.

If the scraper you use is made from a rigid material, there’s also a risk of scratches. Even minor scratches can affect the look of your vehicle, while also possibly obscuring your view if they develop in your line of vision.

What You Can Do Instead

When snow and ice are obscuring your windshield, the best thing you can do is warm up your car and wait. Once they begin to melt, you can easily remove snow and ice from your vehicle without needing to use excessive pressure. Light pressure is recommended to keep your windshield intact. While you can increase it to moderate pressure if needed, do so with caution.

Also, make sure the scraper you use is made from flexible plastic. A little bit of flex prevents scratches, especially when your auto glass is extremely cold. Cold glass tends to be more brittle, which means it’s more vulnerable to breaking. Accordingly, never tap on the glass with your scraper or use any other tool not intended for the purpose.

You won’t have to worry about ice and snow in Albuquerque, but your windshield can sustain damage in many other ways. If that happens, our team at Astro Auto Glass is poised and ready to assist you. We offer glass replacement, chip repair, and more to our customers. You can also rest easy known our services are backed by lifetime warranties.

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