Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us for Window Tinting

Car wrapping specialist in the stationWindow tinting can help keep your car cooler and make your drive more comfortable under the blazing New Mexico sun. In Albuquerque, there are dozens of places you can go for window tinting, but your best choice is Astro Auto Glass…and here are three reasons why:

Reason #1: Excellent Window Tinting Workmanship

The technicians at Astro Auto Glass have a lot of experience with window tinting. No matter what type of vehicle you, you can expect: Continue reading “Top 3 Reasons to Choose Us for Window Tinting”

Your insurance can help replace or repair your windshield before cold weather hits!

Chipped Windshield

Windshield damage is something that unfortunately happens from time to time. While it’s a damage that may occur to your vehicle, you hope it’s something that never really happens. It can happen at a moment’s notice… and it can be an accident, or it can be something that is done intentionally. If you find yourself in this type of predicament you want to get it repaired if you possibly can, but if you can’t then you want to get in replaced. While you don’t want the damage to sit too long under any circumstances, you definitely want to make sure that you have your windshield repaired or replaced before Continue reading “Your insurance can help replace or repair your windshield before cold weather hits!”

Was It a Rock? Or Something Else?

headerbackDiscovering a broken windshield or car window is never enjoyable. You know you’re going to have to replace the glass as well as clean up the remnants. There’s always one or two pieces that stick around in the car that you discover months later, and it’s a hassle to take your car in for new glass. You might be suspecting a rock made contact—either accidently or deliberately—with the glass, but did you know there are other things that can break auto glass? Continue reading “Was It a Rock? Or Something Else?”

What Will My Windshield Replacement Entail?

A severe crack has turned into a dozen and your windshield isn’t safe any longer. It’s time for a replacement to be both legal on the road and safe to drive. But what is replacing your windshield going to entail? Here are a few basic things to keep in mind.

Will My Car Be Damaged?

Removing a windshield may seem like an extensive affair to people who don’t handle it every day, but there’s Continue reading “What Will My Windshield Replacement Entail?”

Is That a Crack or a Scratch?

It’s not always immediately apparent whether you have a crack or a scratch on your windshield. From the front, they can look very similar, and most of us don’t take the time to sit down and really examine our auto glass. But you want to know what you’re going to need to fix, don’t you? If you’re bringing your vehicle in, you want to be able to tell the shop exactly what you need done. It’s hard with engine troubles, but it should be easy with a windshield, right? Continue reading “Is That a Crack or a Scratch?”

Getting Your RV Glass Fixed

Slide_3Auto glass is part of your car’s safety features. It keeps you protected from air currents, debris and also provides structural integrity to the vehicle itself. Getting it repaired is absolutely necessary, but are most auto glass shops able to handle an RV?

There’s a difference in height, the shape of the windows and the difficulty of working on something so large can make it hard for you to find someone to repair or replace damaged RV glass. It’s just as necessary as on a smaller car Continue reading “Getting Your RV Glass Fixed”

What Makes Auto Glass Different?

Your vehicle’s windshield is one of its most important safety features. While it may look like any other glass, auto glass is designed to protect you in an accident.

Most types of glass, including the glass used in home windows, will shatter into sharp shards if broken. It doesn’t take much to break window glass, but auto glass needs to stand up to hazards like Continue reading “What Makes Auto Glass Different?”

Little-Known History of the Car Windshield


Drivers on the road today do not even remember a time when cars were manufactured without windshields, so the history of one of the most important vehicle safety fetures is nearly forgotten. But the New Year provides an opportunity to look both forward and glance into the past, and so Astro Auto Glass tells the story of the windshield’s development.


The Early 1900s: Optional Plate Glass Windshield

The first cars were essentially motorized horse carriages, and like horse-drawn carts, did not offer any front protection from the elements or road debris. In fact, drivers wore goggles for protection. The idea of having a see-through protective layer installed on the vehicle itself did not appear until 1904, over a decade after the first car rolled off the assembly line.


The first windshields were nothing more than two sheets of window-pane glass. Many models had an upper pane could be folded down when it got too dirty to see through. While these first windshields offered some protection against wind and road debris, they were not Continue reading “Little-Known History of the Car Windshield”

Keep Your Glass Intact, Before and After Travel

With the holiday season in full swing, there’s a lot of travel occurring. One of the hazards of this travel is damage to your car’s glass. Windshields and windows can both be cracked, chipped and broken. With the high importance of windshield safety alone, this is something that you need to be aware of. Stay alert for potential hazards and know what to do in case an accident does occur. Continue reading “Keep Your Glass Intact, Before and After Travel”

Is a Clean Windshield a Stronger Windshield?

Glass cracks, chips and breaks. This can be a serious problem when it’s your car windshield that’s taking the damage. You can avoid driving on gravel roads and try to park in the shade during the summer to avoid heat cracks. But what other steps can you take to keep your windshield in one piece? Does a layer of dirt protect it or weaken it? Continue reading “Is a Clean Windshield a Stronger Windshield?”