Ice Scrapers

How Do Hot and Cold Temperatures Affect Your Auto Glass?

A crack or chip in your windshield is a major cause for concern. Even seemingly minor defects can affect the safety and stability of auto glass, as well as create hazardous obstructions that may prevent drivers from seeing the  

Tips For Quickly Defrosting a Car Windshield

Winter snow can really do a number on your vehicle. It can also make your morning routine a lot more challenging when you find piles of snow and ice on your windshield.

Can Using Ice Scrapers Cause Damage to Your Car’s Windshield?

If winter is a real pain where you live, you’re no doubt familiar with ice scrapers. These simple tools can effectively remove ice and snow from auto glass, but they can also cause damage if you’re not careful.

How Can Ice Scrapers Damage Your Windshield?

Ice scrapers are an invaluable tool during winter when snow and ice are a constant feature. However, ice scrapers can also cause damage to your auto glass if used incorrectly. This damage can range from small scratches to major