Driver Safety

Dispelling Common Myths About Auto Glass Damage

You probably know that your vehicle’s auto glass is essential to proper visibility. However, windshields and other forms of auto glass also play larger roles in safe driving, which is why proper repairs are so important.

Tips For Quickly Defrosting a Car Windshield

Winter snow can really do a number on your vehicle. It can also make your morning routine a lot more challenging when you find piles of snow and ice on your windshield.

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Fix Auto Glass Chips and Cracks Immediately

When it comes to vehicle damage, chips and cracks in your windshield are definitely bothersome. However, you may be tempted to overlook small defects in auto glass in an effort to save a little bit of money. The truth  

A Guide to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibrations

ADAS is a common feature in many new vehicles, as it can greatly improve safety and performance. These systems use sensors to collect a wide range of information about driving conditions. The information collected by vehicle sensors can provide  

How to Avoid Chips and Cracks in Your Auto Glass

Broken auto glass can cause unsafe driving conditions if the defect impacts your vision. It can also lead to more serious issues if the crack or chip continues growing. While timely repair is recommended should an issue arise, you  

Are There Car Tinting Laws in New Mexico?

Window tint on your vehicle can improve its look and keep your interior cool and comfortable. However, you must abide by local laws and regulations when having tint installed on your vehicle. While your installer should have working knowledge  

What Are the Different Types of Windshield Glass Damage?

You might not think much about the condition of your windshield until after damage occurs. At this point, you must schedule timely repair to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. A repair specialist can also recommend the right  

Importance of Windshield Rain Sensors on Your Vehicle

These days, car manufacturers have automated numerous features for improved safety and convenience. Many of these features use sensors, which prevent collisions when changing lanes by detecting vehicles in your blind spot. They can also take over steering and  

We are ADAS Certified for Recalibration on Vehicles with Smart Sensors

ADAS is an acronym for “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.” ADAS refers to a suite of safety systems that can be found throughout any modern vehicle and across various components — even in those you least expect. The goal of  

What Are Lane Departure Warning Systems and Why Are They Important?

Vehicle safety technology has come a long way over the years. While seatbelts and airbags are still crucial to protect motorists in the event of a crash, modern technology is aimed at preventing accidents in the first place.